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Do Door Dashers Get Discounts On DoorDash?

Are you a Dasher looking for DoorDash discounts?

Truth be told, you aren’t the only one searching for Dasher discounts. That’s because the company regularly offers special deals and DoorDash coupons to its customers. In addition, the platform also provides free delivery codes to users.

But the question we’re going to address is: 

Do Door Dashers get discounts on Doordash?

In this article, we’ll cover the types of discounts that DoorDash offers its riders. So if you are a Dasher, you are in for a treat. You’ll learn about DoorDasher discounts and how to find them. Also, we’ll share the terms and conditions that come with these discounts.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Do Door Dashers Get Discounts On DoorDash?
  2. 2. Different Types of Dasher Discounts 
    1. 2.1. Dasher Discounts on Fuel
    2. 2.2. Car Maintenance
    3. 2.3. Discount on eBike Purchase
    4. 2.4. Health Insurance Discounts
    5. 2.5. Phone Plan Discounts
    6. 2.6. Referral Bonuses
    7. 2.7. DashPass Discount
  3. 3. The Bottom Line

Do Door Dashers Get Discounts On DoorDash?

Door Dashers get discounts on DoorDash but these aren’t on food. If you are trying to save on food orders, you can get discounts like a regular customer. However, the platform offers a one-month free DashPass along with a 50% subscription concession. In addition to this, there are several other driver benefits that make it worthwhile for a Dasher. These include

  • Financial Discounts
  • Vehicle Discounts
  • Other Partnerships 

Below is a detailed explanation of these Dasher discounts.

Different Types of Dasher Discounts 

DoorDash offers exclusive discounts and promotions to its drivers. You can explore them through the Dasher app to enjoy the perks of working with DoorDash. 

Dasher Discounts on Fuel

DoorDash has partnerships with various gas stations across the states to offer discounts to Dashers. These discounts can help Dashers save money on expenses related to their deliveries. You can apply for the DasherDirect Visa card that will get you 2% cash back on gas anywhere.

Moreover, Dashers can also get special discounts after registering for Fuel Rewards. You will be able to save 25¢ per gallon off your first fill-up. What makes it a good deal is that you’ll get an extra 6¢ per gallon off each fill afterwards.

Car Maintenance

DoorDash offers its riders $20 in credits that they can spend on car maintenance. The platform has partnered with Car Advice so you can expect to get special care and discounts.

Discount on eBike Purchase

Dashers can receive 30% off the purchase of an e-bike from Dirwin Bike. You will get a free Start-Up Accessory Package bonus and free shipping. In addition, the platform offers free assembly of Door Dashers.

You can also get a special discount for Ride Zoomo as a DoorDash driver. Door Dashers can get $100 off the starting price as an exclusive offer. All you have to do is choose the bike and sign up for their Boost plan.

Health Insurance Discounts

 DoorDash partners with a few health insurance providers to offer discounted rates for Dashers. These discounts can help Dashers save money on health insurance premiums and other healthcare costs.

Phone Plan Discounts

DoorDash has partnerships with almost all phone carriers to offer discounted phone plans to Dashers. These discounts can help Dashers save money on their phone bills. So you can save money while staying connected on the go.

Referral Bonuses

DoorDash offers referral bonuses to Dashers who refer new drivers to the platform. The referral bonuses can range from $50 to $500, depending on the current promotion.

DashPass Discount

As of December 202, DoorDashers can get one month of free DashPass from the platform. After the first month, you’ll get 50% off on the DashPass. So you’ll only be paying $4.99 per month and will be able to enjoy all the perks. All you need to do is complete at least 1 food ride per month as a Dasher to become eligible.

You will get discounts from all major restaurants such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Burger King.

The Bottom Line

Dashers get several types of discounts on DoorDash as riders. You can use DoorDash coupons and deals, and enjoy DashPass discounts as well. In addition, there are discounts on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and eBike purchase. The platform also offers Dasher discounts on health and phone plans.
Note:  The availability of these discounts may vary depending on the Dasher’s location and the current promotions. So regularly check the Dasher app for updates on the latest promotions and discounts.

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