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15 Best Stores for Couponing in the US

Best stores for couponing are ideal places to look for a good deal. Coupons allow you to save money without making compromises on your buying decisions. You can purchase the desired products for the best value of your money. That’s why about 83% of customers in the US use coupons while shopping online.

However, not all stores are equal when it comes to coupons. It’s true that most brands and top stores offer promo codes. But there are some that provide the best bang for your buck.

We have put together a list of the 15 best stores to couponing for you. These online brands range from groceries to clothes to home goods. So keep reading to know about the best stores to coupon at.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Best Stores for Couponing – A Comprehensive List
  2. 2. Walmart
  3. 3. Target
  4. 4. JCPenney
  5. 5. CVS
  6. 6. Kohl’s
  7. 7. Kroger Stores
  8. 8. Walgreens
  9. 9. Meijer
  10. 10. Hobby Lobby
  11. 11. JoAnn’s
  12. 12. Dollar General
  13. 13. Publix
  14. 14. Staples
  15. 15. Rite Aid
  16. 16. Bed Bath & Beyond
  17. 17. Final Note

Best Stores for Couponing – A Comprehensive List

Our list includes grocery chains and online retailers where you’ll find the best deals on any given day. These stores offer some of the most generous coupons which make them prime destinations for savvy shoppers.


The mega-retailer is known for its low prices and generous coupon policy. Customers can use coupons online as well as in-store at any Walmart location. So you can easily stack deals and maximize savings. Additionally, shoppers can take advantage of special online-only offers with their Walmart+ membership.

Walmart does not allow coupon stacking or let you apply double coupons. But what makes it one of the best stores to coupon at is its unique policy. The store allows coupon overage and lets you keep the difference. This is why it’s amongst the best places for extreme couponing.


Another giant retailer, Target also has one of the most generous coupon policies out there. The store allows its customers to stack manufacturer coupons and store coupons. Furthermore, you can also take advantage of discounts from their Cartwheel app. Customers can save even more through their REDcard program, which offers exclusive discounts for cardholders.


If you are looking for a major retailer for couponing, JCPenney is the ideal place. In fact, it’s the best store to coupon at in the US.

JCPenney offers valuable coupons, promos, and discount codes on a regular basis. But the best thing about the store is that you can stack coupons at JCPenney. It allows you to redeem a maximum of ten codes at once. However, the coupons you are using must be of different types with only one promotional code and one free shipping code per order.

For instance, you can use a 15% off coupon with a free shipping coupon. But the store prohibits customers from using two 20% off coupons at the same time.


This popular drugstore has a great coupon policy that allows shoppers to take advantage of manufacturer coupons. CVS allows customers to use store coupons in conjunction with manufacturers’ coupons. You can explore more deals and grab promo codes that they offer in the CVS weekly ad.

Customers can also join the ExtraCare program to get additional discounts and rewards. You can get even more perks after signing up for the CVS Beauty Club.


The department store retail chain Kohl’s is well-known for its generous coupon policy. It allows customers to use promo codes and store coupons on eligible items. You can save with their Kohl’s Cash program and can also sign up for the Kohl’s card. With Kohl’s Rewards Program, you’ll get even more savings and can unlock exclusive discounts and rewards.

Kohl’s coupons can be found in-store and online, making it easy to save on everything you need. So be sure to check their website regularly for new offers and promotions. Plus, when you sign up for

Kroger Stores

One of the largest grocery store chains, Kroger also has a great coupon policy. The store allows customers to use coupons, promos, and discount codes on several categories and items. You can take advantage of their digital coupon system to get the best value for money. Then there is the fuel rewards program that will surely maximize your savings. 

What makes it one of the best stores for couponing is the Kroger 5x event. During this time, you can utilize Kroger digital coupons five times for a SINGLE transaction/purchase.


This drugstore chain has a generous coupon policy and offers great promo codes and coupons. You can find their discount codes online or in the Walgreens weekly ad. But the best way to save is through Walgreens Cash and Register Rewards. You can also join their Balance Rewards program for additional savings opportunities.

Walgreens coupons often come in the form of manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and BOGO promotions. You can also combine these coupons with sale items to maximize your savings. 


This Midwest grocery chain offers coupons (manufacturer and store) on eligible items. The good thing is that you can use more than one coupon for a single purchase. The store allows customers to use two identical coupons with the same UPC per transaction. You can also combine one manufacturer coupon per item with applicable Meijer coupon(s). Then there is the mPerks program for exclusive discounts which shoppers can use to their advantage.

Hobby Lobby

This craft store offers some of the best deals around thanks to its generous coupon policy. Hobby Lobby also offers a 40% off coupon on one item every day. The store offers manufacturer coupons, store coupons, and online codes for its customers. You can save more by taking advantage of their rewards program and earning store points.


The fabric and craft store has a really generous coupon policy. In fact, it’s among the best stores for couponing thanks to its coupon-stacking strategy. The first thing you need to know is that you can stack coupons at JoAnn to double or even triple your savings. The store allows you to use multiple coupons with the same percentage off in one transaction.

However, keep in mind that you can only use them on different items and make sure the coupons are from different sources. Moreover, customers can join their Joann Plus program for additional discounts and rewards. The store also offers yearly sale prices both in-store and online products.

Dollar General

This discount store does not allow you to stack 2 or more coupons. But the deals and promos it offers are worth it. You can take advantage of their digital coupon system for even more savings. All you need to do is enter your phone number at the checkout page. After adding your contact number, the store automatically applies coupons to your orders.


The largest supermarket chain offers dozens of new BOGO deals every week. But what makes Publix eligible to be added to the list of best stores to coupon at is its multiple coupon policy. The store allows customers to use two manufacturer coupons in a buy one get one free deal.

Publix only takes one manufacturer’s coupon for an item. However, the store’s policy states that it will take an additional competitor’s or Publix coupon. You can also sign up for their Publix Rewards program for exclusive discounts and rewards.


This office supply retailer offers a variety of ways to save with their coupon offerings. However, their coupon policy is a bit tricky. Customers can use up to 10 product coupons per order but can only use one transaction coupon per purchase. Moreover, the store may not allow you to combine product coupons with a transaction purchase.

Rite Aid

Another drugstore on our list with a generous coupon policy. Rite Aid allows you to stack up to three coupons per item. However, you’ll have to use valuable coupons, manufacturer coupons, and store coupons. As per the store policy, you can also take advantage of the buy one, get one free coupon. But it only allows you to use one coupon for each pair of items purchased.

You can easily find Rite Aid coupons online or on the company’s website. Moreover, customers can join their wellness+ rewards program to earn even more discounts. 

Bed Bath & Beyond

The domestic merchandise retailer, Bed Bath & Beyond is another great store for couponing. This popular home goods retailer offers a wide variety of deals and coupons. You can even grab 20% off your coupon for your entire purchase. Thanks to its price-match policy, shoppers can get the best deal possible.

The store also has a special rewards program, which allows shoppers to collect points and exchange them for discounts.

Final Note

Online shopping becomes fun and money-saving when you know the best stores for couponing. You can easily maximize your savings with a little research and after applying coupons strategically. These are the best stores to coupon at and we hope you’ve found our list interesting and informative. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience if you apply promo codes at any of these stores. Happy couponing!

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