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Why Is Shein Not Accepting My Visa Gift Card?(5 Reasons)

Shein is a relatively new brand in the US clothing market. But the online retail store has been growing rapidly since its establishment in 2008. The brand offers a wide variety of fast-fashion dresses at affordable rates for a diverse audience. What makes it unique is its trendy clothes, online payment method, and Shein coupons.

You can use Shein promo codes to buy clothing items at discounted prices. In addition, customers can use Shein gift cards as well as Visa and American Express gift cards. If you are here, you probably already know how to use a Visa gift card on Shein, right?

But what to do if Shein does not accept your Visa gift card?

In this article, you are going to learn the basic reasons behind it. You’ll get to know why your Visa gift card won’t work on Shein. So keep reading!

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Requirements for Using Visa Gift Card on Shien
  2. 2. Explaining Why Is Shein Not Accepting My Visa Gift Card?
  3. 3. Final Note

Requirements for Using Visa Gift Card on Shien

Before we jump to the reasons, let’s first take a look at the requirements. To use a Visa gift card on Shein, you must ensure that the card meets the following requirements.

  • The card must have sufficient funds
  • It must be activated
  • Error in the name associated with the card

Explaining Why Is Shein Not Accepting My Visa Gift Card?

There is more than one reason why Shein is not accepting your Visa gift card. We have enlisted some of the most common reasons below.

  1. Insufficient Funds

Before you use a Visa gift card, make sure that the card has enough funds. It must have enough amount to cover the cost of the purchase including additional charges. You may have the fund to cover the item cost but Shein might ask you to pay for shipping or other services. And if the card does not have enough funds, the transaction will be declined.

  1. Merchant Restrictions

Online retailers, including Shein, often have restrictions on the types of gift cards they accept. You should check with Shein’s customer support to see if there are any restrictions. It’s possible that the online retailer is not accepting gift cards for certain categories or items on sale.

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  1. Expired Card or Invalid Details

Another thing to keep in mind while using gift cards is their expiry dates. You can’t use a Visa gift card after the expiration date even if it still has funds. So be mindful of your gift card details, especially when it’s reaching the expiry date.

Also, make sure you are entering the correct card number, security code, and other details. Customers often make mistakes while entering gift card details on Shein.

  1. Inactive Visa Gift Cards

Unlike Amex gift cards, you need to activate your Visa gift card. This is another common reason why Shein won’t accept a Visa gift card.

When you have an inactive Visa gift card the associated bank accounts will be unable to receive confirmation. As a result, your transaction will be declined when you use the inactive card for payment.

Shein will decline an inactive Visa gift card and won’t complete your transaction. Since your Visa gift card is linked to the respective bank account, you’ll have to activate it. Only then you’ll be able to perform any transactions and can buy dresses from Shein.

  1. Technical Issues

There is another rare reason why Shein isn’t accepting your Visa gift card.

It’s uncommon but possible that Shein’s website or app is facing technical issues. This can prevent the transaction from going through and you’ll be unable to make a purchase. In such a case, try again later or contact Shein’s customer support for assistance.

Final Note

Hopefully, you’ve found the reasons why is Shein not accepting my Visa gift card. It can be due to insufficient funds, an inactive Visa gift card, invalid details, or technical issues. Your Visa gift card may also not work on Shein if it has expired. If there are no such causes, contact Shein’s customer service for further information.

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