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How To Change Reference Code On SHEIN – Query Explained

SHEIN reference program offers generous rewards to participants who refer others to the platform. It’s a great marketing strategy implemented by the online fashion retailer. The program allows participants to earn discounts, store credits, or cash commissions for their referrals. This is an easy-to-use, straightforward program that rewards regular customers for their loyalty.

But you probably already know about the SHEIN reference program, right?

So, let’s discuss how to change the reference code on SHEIN. And for that, you must know what your reference code on Shein is. In case you want to discover valuable discounts, check out the latest SHEIN coupon codes.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. How to Get a SHEIN Reference Code for Yourself
    1. 1.1. Become a Shein Member
    2. 1.2. Make a Purchase
    3. 1.3. Participate in Shein Events
    4. 1.4. Use Shein’s Affiliate Program
  2. 2. Eligibility Criteria for SHEIN Affiliate Program
  3. 3. What is my reference on SHEIN?
  4. 4. How do I refer a friend to SHEIN?
  5. 5. Can you remove a reference code from SHEIN?
  6. 6. How to change my reference code on SHEIN
  7. 7. How long does a reference code last on SHEIN?
  8. 8. Tips for Creating a Unique SHEIN Referral Code
  9. 9. Keep It Simple
    1. 9.1. Make It Memorable
    2. 9.2. Use Your Name or Social Media Tag
    3. 9.3. Be Creative
    4. 9.4. Create a Short Code
    5. 9.5. Test It Out
  10. 10. Final Note

How to Get a SHEIN Reference Code for Yourself

If you’re a frequent shopper on Shein, you would definitely want to earn some rewards for that. You may be wondering how to get a referral code that you can use to earn perks and discounts.

Well, obtaining a Shein reference code is a fairly simple process. The good thing is that there are several ways to get one.

Become a Shein Member

The first step to getting a Shein reference code is to become a member of the site. This can be done by creating an account on Shein’s website or mobile app. By becoming a member, you’ll be able to access Shein’s reference code program. This will also make you eligible for other loyalty rewards.

Make a Purchase

Once you’ve become a Shein member, make a purchase on their website. After completing your purchase, Shein will provide you with a unique reference code. You can share this code with your friends and family or on your social media pages.

This referral code can be found in your Shein account settings. You can also access the code in the confirmation email that you receive after making a purchase.

Participate in Shein Events

Shein regularly hosts events and promotions that can provide customers with reference codes.

For example, the company may offer codes during sales events. This also happens on special occasions such as birthdays or holidays, or through social media promotions. To stay up-to-date on these events, be sure to follow Shein on social media. You can also sign up for the company’s newsletter to receive announcements.

Use Shein’s Affiliate Program

Affiliates can earn commissions on sales made through their unique referral links. The store also provides special offers and promotions to its affiliate marketers.

To become a Shein affiliate, you’ll need to apply through the company’s affiliate program page. However, you’ll have to meet certain criteria, such as having an established website or social media following.

Eligibility Criteria for SHEIN Affiliate Program

Like other affiliate program, Shein also has an eligibility criteria. To get your reference code, you need to join Shein affiliate program, and for that you must have:

  • An active social media presence
  • At least 500 followers or subscribers, or
  • A website with consistent traffic

What is my reference on SHEIN?

You can easily find your own unique SHEIN reference code if you are already a customer. Follow the below steps to find out “SHEIN My Reference Code.”

  • Log in to your SHEIN account
  • Click on the “Rewards” button on the SHEIN Homepage  
  • Click on the “Refer a Friend” button
  • You will see your unique referral link or referral code
  • Share this link or code with your friends
  • Your friends must use your referral code on their first purchase

You can find the “Rewards” button on the SHEIN Homepage at the bottom left-hand corner. There’s no limit to how many new users you can refer to the online fashion retailer. However, make sure they are using it for the first time to get rewards.

You can also join the SHEIN affiliate or ambassador program to offer discounted referral codes. This way you can help both existing and new users make a purchase with a discount. You can share this code with your followers via email, social media, or any other preferred communication method.

SHEIN store will send you rewards in your SHEIN account once they have shipped the order(s).

How do I refer a friend to SHEIN?

You can refer a friend to Shein in a number of ways. All you need to do is share your unique referral code or given link with them. For this, you will have to:

  • Sign-up to SHEIN
  • Make a purchase or join a referral program
  • Get your unique SHEIN reference code
  • Share your Shein referral code on your social media, blog, or website

Can you remove a reference code from SHEIN?

Removing or changing your reference code on SHEIN can be tricky at times. Sometimes, the website does not allow users to do so at this time. However, you can contact SHEIN customer service for further assistance using their website. 

How to change my reference code on SHEIN

Some influencers and marketers have successfully changed their reference codes on SHEIN. They claim they have used the blow guide to do so successfully.

So, if you want to change the reference code in Shein, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your SHEIN account
  • Click on “Settings” in the upper-right corner
  • Select “Reference Code Management” in the left column
  • Now click on “Change Reference Code”
  • Enter the new code in the “Enter Reference Code” text box
  • Click on “Update”

How long does a reference code last on SHEIN?

The duration of a reference code on SHEIN depends on the user type. If you are an ordinary customer, your referral code may expire after 30 days of making a purchase.

In case you are a SHEIN Campus Ambassador, your unique code will remain active. However, your reference code will be linked to the Valid User’s profile for 90 days only. This starts from the day the Valid User added your referral code to their SHEIN profile.

Tips for Creating a Unique SHEIN Referral Code

If you’re looking to create a unique reference code, we’ve some tips for you. Be sure to consider these tips in mind while creating your own referral code on SHEIN.

Keep It Simple

A simple reference code is easier to remember and share with others. So avoid using complicated words or characters that may be difficult to recall. This will make it hard for you to communicate and difficult for others to remember.

Make It Memorable

 A unique reference code that is easy to remember goes a long way. It will increase the chances that your friends or followers will use it when making a purchase. You can use a play on words, a phrase, or a personal tagline that is memorable. An ideal way is to relate the referral code to your personality.

Use Your Name or Social Media Tag

You can use your name or brand in your reference code to make it more personal. This is a great tactic if you are building a personal brand online. A personal yet memorable reference code will help to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Be Creative

Get creative with your reference code and think outside the box. You can also use numbers or symbols to make your reference code stand out.

Create a Short Code

A shorter reference code is easier to remember and share. So keep it to a few characters or a simple word. But don’t forget that it must relate to your brand or personality.

Test It Out

Once you’ve created a referral code, test it out before sharing it with others. This way you can make sure that your unique code works and is easy to use. You can also ask friends or family members to try it out and provide feedback.

Final Note

Learning how to change the reference code on SHEIN is a quick process. It’s easy as ABC if you know the necessary steps. So follow the steps outlined in this guide to get a more personal referral code. Remember to log in to your SHEIN account, navigate to the “Rewards” page, and click on “My Referral Code.” After that, click on “Change My Code” to update your reference code.

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