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How To Remove Payment Method From Chegg – The Right Way

Have you ever been stuck trying to figure out how to remove payment method from Chegg?

It can be tricky!

Chegg does not provide the information upfront about deleting a payment method. While the details available on the internet are not only ambiguous but also misleading. But don’t worry, because we’ve got the solution to your problem. We’ve described both the right way and the easy method of how to delete payment method on Chegg.

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. How To Remove Payment Method From Chegg
  2. 2. How To Remove Card From Chegg – Step-By-Step
  3. 3. How To Delete Payment Method On Chegg
  4. 4. How to Add/Change Payment Method on Chegg
  5. 5. Takeaway Words

How To Remove Payment Method From Chegg

There’s no direct option when on Chegg when it comes to removing payment methods. You have to contact their support team to remove or delete your Chegg payment method. Chegg has a call and chat (text and WhatsApp) support team for this. There’s another easy way but it involves deleting your Chegg.

How To Remove Card From Chegg – Step-By-Step

As mentioned, Chegg doesn’t let you remove your credit card info on your own. There is no such option available in the account settings. You can remove payment information by directly contacting the support team even after canceling your Chegg subscription.

You can contact at:

  • Chegg’s customer call support number: 855-477-0177
  • Chegg’s WhatsApp chat support number: 408-351-0942

You’ll have to provide the following information to remove payment method on Chegg account.

  • Last 4 digits of the associated credit card
  • The email linked with your Chegg account

You don’t have to provide additional information except for your email and last 4 card digits. The good thing is that customer support doesn’t pursue or pitch customers to stay on board. The communication usually takes between 4 to 7 minutes and your payment method will be removed.

How To Delete Payment Method On Chegg

Deleting your Chegg account is a suitable option if you don’t want to talk to their support team. You can easily remove the payment method when your Chegg account has been deleted. 

Before you start, it is important to understand what happens when you delete a payment method from Chegg. The credit card or bank account information associated with that payment method will no longer be stored in your account. Moreover, any recurring payments will also be canceled. So keep this in mind as you proceed through these steps.

This is how to delete credit card from Chegg account:

  • Log into your Chegg Account (enter username and password) 
  • Click on the “My Chegg” tab and select “Payment Methods” 
  • Locate the payment method and click the “X” icon next to it  
  • Select “Remove” when prompted to confirm your action 

This is the easy way to delete a credit card from Chegg. In case you don’t want to call and don’t feel like talking, there’s another option as well. This involves adding a payment method on Chegg and changing your payment info.

How to Add/Change Payment Method on Chegg

You can add or change payment methods on Chegg to use it in the future. You can do this without removing your previous credit card from Chegg. All you need to do is follow the below simple steps: 

  • Log into your Chegg Account on the homepage
  • Select “Payment Methods” by clicking on the “My Chegg” tab 
  • The Payment page will show the “Add New Payment Method” option
  • Here select your preferred payment method and provide the necessary details
  • Select “Save” to complete the process

Once you have successfully added a new payment method, you can select it as default. Then all your future payments will be processed through the new payment method. However, keep in mind that any existing recurring payments will be automatically canceled. You’ll have to associate your subscription or payments with your new payment method.

Takeaway Words

We hope you’ve now learnt about how to delete payment info on Chegg. We have mentioned all the available options there are so that you can remove your payment method. Keep in mind that after canceling the Chegg subscription, you have to remove the payment method. Otherwise, Chegg may continue to charge you automatically if your credit card is not removed.

Note: This information is accurate as of December 2022. And recommend you check back regularly for any updates or changes on how to remove payment methods on Chegg.

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