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How To Solve DoorDash Promo Code Not Working Issue

So you were applying the DoorDash promo code and it did not work?

May be you have seen “The promotion cannot be applied to this order. Please remove or use another promotion code” DoorDash message.

We feel you!

DoorDash users run into issues and get stuck when entering promotion codes. Either their promo codes don’t work or they aren’t redeemed on the checkout page. So, if you are having trouble while applying a DoorDash coupon, you are not alone.

Table of Contents
  1. 1. Why Isn’t My DoorDash Promo Code Working?
  2. 2. 5 Reasons Why DoorDash Promo Code Not Working
    1. 2.1. Incorrect Promo Codes
    2. 2.2. Expired Coupon Codes
  3. 3. Eligibility Requirements for Discount Codes 
    1. 3.1. Some Coupons Are for New Users
    2. 3.2. Other DoorDash Promo Code Issues
  4. 4. How to Find Doordash Promo Codes
    1. 4.1. Get DoorDash Promo Codes with PenyCanny
    2. 4.2. Browse Social Media
    3. 4.3. Join Email Newsletter
    4. 4.4. Refer a Friend
    5. 4.5. Try Other Coupon Methods
  5. 5. Summary

Why Isn’t My DoorDash Promo Code Working?

There can be many reasons behind the “DoorDash promo code not working” issue. It can be due to the eligibility requirements, expiration date, spelling mistakes, or more. So, make sure that you are entering the right words.

Furthermore, make sure you are eligible and fulfill all the terms and conditions.

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5 Reasons Why DoorDash Promo Code Not Working

There’s nothing more frustrating than a non-functional promo code during online shopping. We all have been there at least once in our lives and it’s just infuriating. Before you start searching for ways to get free food on DoorDash, get to konw why you coupon did not work.

The common reasons behind the DoorDash promo code not working are:

  • Entering incorrect code
  • Applying code after the expiry date
  • Entering promo code for wrong items
  • Using new user coupons again
  • Using a coupon code too many times
DoorDash Promo Code Not Working Issue

Now let’s take a deeper look at the reasons behind these errors.

Incorrect Promo Codes

You need to apply coupons correctly because Doordash promos are case-sensitive. This means you should enter the exact code to avoid inconvenience.

Expired Coupon Codes

DoorDash consistently offers coupons for its users on a daily basis. But these promos are only valid to a certain date (limited time). After that, they expired and are of use at all. So, if you are facing issues, you should check out the guidelines to ensure the coupon you are entering is not expired.

Eligibility Requirements for Discount Codes 

Like the expiry date, DoorDash promo code guidelines also state the eligibility criteria. These instructions define the conditions under which a user can apply the code. So read them carefully and ensure you meet all the terms mentioned in the guidelines. This includes eligible locations, restaurants, and food items, as well as the minimum order amount.

Some Coupons Are for New Users

At DoorDash, some free delivery and discount deals are only for new users. Such promo codes won’t work unless you are ordering food from a new account. Also, you can only use a new user code only once or a couple of times. 

Other DoorDash Promo Code Issues

Sometimes the DoorDash app also runs into issues and keeps crashing. This can also cause complications and may become the reason behind the DoorDash promo code not working. So, if you think you meet the eligibility criteria and have a valid DoorDash coupon, we recommend you contact their customer support.

In case you don’t want to waste time on that, there are other ways to find a new coupon. In fact, you may end up finding a more lucrative DoorDash discount coupon with a better deal.

How to Find Doordash Promo Codes

DoorDash is the largest food ordering and delivery service in the USA. Besides affordable services, frequent deals are the main reasons why the platform is so popular among users.

But if you see “the promotion cannot be applied to this order. Please remove or use another promotion code” message, don’t fret about it. There are a number of ways to find a new DoorDash promotion code.

DoorDash regularly offers coupons and promo codes for its new and existing customers. Below are some useful approaches to getting a new discount code.

Get DoorDash Promo Codes with PenyCanny

The best and perhaps the easiest way to find promos is PennyCanny. The website keeps the latest and up-to-date list of DoorDash promo codes. So, if you are tired of applying an invalid coupon, find a new one here.

Find Doordash Promo Codes

You can view all the valid coupons offered by DoorDash on one page. Pick one that meets your eligibility criteria to save big on your order. This will prevent you from the hours-long search for discounts and deals.

Browse Social Media

The food delivery platform occasionally distributes discount codes through its social media channels. We urge you to follow their social accounts, especially on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is also a good way to stay updated about their latest, ongoing, and upcoming promotional deals.

Join Email Newsletter

If you are an existing DoorDash user, you can grab their great deals through email. The platform frequently shares discount codes this way with its existing and loyal customers. All you need to do is join their newsletter and keep an eye on your daily emails.

Refer a Friend

New users can get discounts on their first three orders. But if you refer a friend to use DoorDash, you can also grab discounts for yourself. The company gives referral points when someone joins their app by using your referral code. The best part is that if they order above $15, you can get a $10 discount on your next order.

However, you must know that it only works when your friends place orders. Also, the platform only gives credits for the first 25 referrals.

Try Other Coupon Methods

In case you are not happy with coupon savings, there are other solutions for “DoorDash promo code not working” problem.

If you fail to find a DoorDash coupon using the above methods, try the unconventional methods. You can also find discount codes in certain magazines and news pages. But we don’t think that you’ll have to find DoorDash promo codes these ways.


DoorDash code not working is an issue that can arise due to several reasons. Eligibility requirements, expiration date, incorrect spelling, and case sensitivity may cause this problem. So, ensure that you are applying the right code and entering the correct words. But if you still face a hard time, contact DoorDash customer support or look for a new coupon online.

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